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Metro: Last Light-Chapter 28:The Garden Walkthrough

Metro: Last Light-Chapter 28:The Garden Walkthrough

As the chapter started, climb the vine to the top, and walk down ahead. Proceed toward right and shoot at the demon along some creatures on the ground attacking you. Continue down the rift and eliminate all enemies long the way.

Keep going until when you see mama (looks like a bear) for a shot period, once they have gone go toward the dead body and collect the note.

Note # 39

You will come across Mother for short period and then leaves. The note is near the copse on the left before proceed into the into the fight.

Proceed ahead and mama will start attacking you. Follow onscreen instruction to get away from her. Then move away from her and keep firing on her back (is the weak spot). Watch out for her kids, they will start attacking you as well. Keep attacking her until you kill her.

Note 40

After you have kill mama, proceed ahead and go up the stairs. Look on the left side of the stairs at the top for this note.

Enter the building ahead to complete the chapter. 


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