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Ethereum miners are renting Boeing 747 airplanes to ship graphics cards


Most active Ethereum miners are reported to be renting Boeing 747 airplanes to ship orders of graphics cards.

Marco Streng, chief executive of Genesis Mining, told Quartz. "Time is critical, very critical. For example, we are renting entire airplanes, Boeing 747s, to ship on time. Anything else, like shipping by sea, loses so much opportunity."

Is reported that some 36,000 units of Ethereum is collectively mined each day and eac units is around $200 per unit, hence miners are making $7.2 million worth of Ethereum per day. 

"Time counts so much. We are using the fastest delivery possible," according to Streng added. "You risk the opportunity to mine for the days you are delayed. If you are deploying 10 days later, you are losing 10 days of mining—that is the cost."

At the beggining of this year Ethereum was trading for around $10 per unit and by June was $400. 

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