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Final Fantasy 3 is coming soon to Steam for PC


Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy 3 will be coming to Steam.

Final Fantasy III is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square in 1990 for the Family Computer as the third installment in the Final Fantasy series. It is the first numbered Final Fantasy game to feature the job-change system.

The game features:

  • ​ â€‹â€‹â€‹New and improved 3D visuals and story sequences
  • ​ â€‹â€‹â€‹Quicker browsing through the monster bestiary and other game record
  • ​ â€‹â€‹â€‹New visual designs for the Job Mastery Cards
  • ​ â€‹â€‹â€‹Upgraded graphics
  • ​ â€‹â€‹â€‹Includes Achievements
  • ​ â€‹â€‹â€‹New feature of Steam Trading Cards
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