DIY Pantry Organisation Project

A well-organized pantry is a game-changer for any home.  Its so easy to have clutter in the kitchen/pantry, with those  empty or half bags, empty containers etc. It doesn’t matter if you have small corner to fill or an entire kitchen closet at your disposal, designating a unique spot to store all of your canned goods, baking ingredients, and speciality kitchen appliances is important

The kitchen in my home is very small at the moment, not enough space for my ingredients. So, I decided to transform an under the stair storage in the kitchen into a pantry.  see before pic right. Its was in a bad state when moved in.

I decided to turn this are into a small pantry.

Skills Required: Beginner to Intermediate. Most of these pantry storage ideas are simple enough for beginners (with no experience!). although there are a few building projects that are a little trickier.  Most of the time it’s not about having more space, but using the space you have well.


For this transformation. I used the following items to complete the job, a tin of painted, brush, roller  solid wood as shelves, shelf brackets, drill, screwdriver, nails and plugs.

Lazy Susan Pantry Rack

Add a lazy susan to the pantry to help you see what you have in one quick spin. example you can use it for your oils, or spices.

Clear Containers

For quick and easy cleanup of your pantry, go clear container crazy and add labels with a clear label maker.

The  containers used here are BPA free and been collecting them for a while. Some are OXO which are a bit pricey and some are cheap brand from Home & Bargain.  These container are lighter than the glass ones and air tight.


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