Dark Souls II 

PS3 Xbox 360 PC 
Release Date: March 11, 2014

Dark Sousl II : Shaded Woods

Shaded Wood is one of the place in Dark Souls II. This area can be reached you need to go back towards Things Betwixt and veer right. You will come across a man stuck because a petrifyied woman blocks the switch for the gate.

Depetrify it if have the item and she'll thank you with a gift and sell pyromancy spells as well as upgrade your pyromancy flame for a price. Then give her some extra equipment and leave the area and return so that she'll travel to Majula. Now you can open the gate.

How to defeate the Scorpioness Najka Boss

This boss takes some additional damage from Fire. She is guards the path to the Doors of Pharros. 

Once you enter the room only her torso is seen but after she is hit or enough time as passed she will come out of the sand revealing her scorpion body. 

Scorpioness Najka uses both physical and magic damage and she is able to use a sort of Homing Soul Spear and Homing Soulmass.

Also as for physical attacks she will swipe at you with her chelae or pincers, or she will swipe with her staff. She will also try to stab you with her stinger dealing two different types of attacks: one that pins you to the ground, or another that picks you off the ground and infects the you with toxic.

After a certain amount of time in the battle she will go underground and move around. Eventually she will pop up and try to damage the you. If hit you flys into the air. If you lingers behind her for too long she will slam her tail down killing you or getting you near death. 

Melee Characters

The melee characters need to encourage the boss to use her melee attacks instead magic. To do this you will need to stay infront of her and when she leaps away, and make sure to give chase.

In case she cast a spell, make sure you dodge as soon as possible. It is best to hit her is when she does a tail attack. Since they get stuck in the ground for a few seconds, and after enough hits, they will fall off entirely.

When she goes underground, run to a chunk of stone and stand on it. This will makes her come beneath you and grab you, so it is imperative you find the large stone slab and stand on it. When she pops out of the ground, then hit her.

In the arena there is a tree with item on it. You need to lure the boss to the tree so that she can attack it. To do this, go and stand to the side and behind it, this will make her attack the tree to knock down the item.
Ranged Characters

Casters and archers will have a little bit easy than melee characters. The good thing is the fact she doesnt tend to close gaps to often. She will be using a spell instead, so make sure you dodge them. 

Get to the stone slab, when she goes underground, and get ready to run towards it when she dives underground.


Belfry Sol


Doors of Pharros


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