Dark Souls II 

PS3 Xbox 360 PC 
Release Date: March 11, 2014

Dark Souls II: How to find the blacksmith Key

In Majula you can find the blacksmith outside a house sitting on the floor. Go and talk to him and he will ask you to help him find his key so he can get back to work. Finding the key will enables you to upgrade your weapons and armor.

Dark Souls 2 Blacksmith Key

This kei is found in Forest of Fallen Giants at the Bonfire in the Cardinal tower. Make your way to the Cardinal Tower, clear the area and then enter the door on the right to find an old women (Merchant Hag Melentia next to bonfire) selling various items along with the key to the blacksmith’s shop and will costs 1000 souls.

Once you get the key return to Majula and open the door for the blacksmith. Give him time to set up, check out the chest for free bow.

Once he is up and running he sells a few weapons and can repair any of the broken equipment you have. He can also upgrade weapons and armor. He has some Titanite shards for sale, if you need them, buy them all (he will have some more on the next play through).




How to open the Mansion in Majula


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