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Dark Souls II : Earthen Peak

Earthen Peak is an area in Dark Souls II and a home to the Covetous Demon and Baneful Queen Mytha bosses.

How to defeat the Baneful Queen Mytha

The Baneful Queen Mytha is found atop the Earthen Peak. This boss uses melee and magic, and is fought in an arena full of poison.

She is extremely weak to Fire and will take much higher damage from any weapon covered in flames.

In order to make this fight much easier, head to the Central Earthen Peak bonfire. Turn around and go straight from the bonfire towards the windmill.

There is a small ledge on the right side walk out on with a torch lit and a prompt will appear allowing you to burn the windmill. This will drain the poison pools throughout the area, along with the one in the boss fight. It will become possible to see a summon icon near the boss entrance for Jester Thomas if you're human.

Ranged Characters

It is best for Casters and archers to use the shield with a higher magic block rate since you will get attack with magic. Remember to dodge when you get a chance and when you get a chance hit her with Pyromancy to cause a devastating amount of damage.

Melee Characters

You need to be careful during this battle since the Queen has a few attacks that can be devastating to you. She will lean back and then suddenly lean foward trying to grab you. This attack will cause a lot of damage, so it is best to keep moving. 

She will also try to hit you with some basic, sweeping melee attacks, these should be easy to block, or roll away from.

From time to time she will occasionally cast magic, which can be devastating. Once she launch this attack she will move away from you, try to stay close to her to force her to use a melee attack. Keep dodging if she launch another attack since the blocking will not be much use. 

Remember she is very weak to fire, if you have a fire enchanted weapon will make this fight shorter.



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