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Dark Souls II : Drangleic Castle

Drangleic Castle is a location in Dark Souls II and a home to the Throne Defender and watch Bosses. This area is adjacent to the Shrine of Winter.


Once you are in Dragleic Castle area, go up the stairs and collect Titanite chunk and Titanic Slab the proceed to the top of the stairs. Take out the enemies at the top of the stairs, then enter the castle. 

There is a room at the top of the stairs but there is nothing inside. While on the ground floor take out any enemies you come across as you move around the back of the stairs. 

Go through the doorway to fight more enemies. You can lure the enemies out of the room one by one and take them out. 

Once the area is cleared, open the door on the right and take out the two enemies inside. There is a ladder in the room, use it to descend down. 

Open the doors to get to the next area and enter the room infront inside there is a Bonfire. 

Once done with a Bonefire, leave the room and go to the right, where you find to statue becomes alive. When you kill the last enemy, the wall behind the place where they were standing will lit. 

Exit the room and go to the other side and elimiminate the enemies in this area as well. Grab the Llewellyn shield once the enemies are defeated. 

Go through the rooms and kill the enemies inside. 

How to defeat the Throne Defender & Watcher

These Throne Defender and Watcher are found behind the King Door in Dranglic Castle which is the same area as the final boss.

You need to defeat them first before reaching the boss. They are two knight enemies and are melee based  and hardly using any magic. 

Tips: These bosses are weak to Poison. 

Melee Characters

Melee characters will have to be patient during the fight so that they can evade their attacks or blocking them. The main problem is when you go to strike and leave yourself vulnerable, so it is best to be patient and wait for the opening. 

Tips: After killing ine the second one will go for their fallen alley to resurrect them after 30 seconds. So it is best to damage these enemies equally, this is to make easy to finish them off. 

Fro time to time they can use a magic spell at you and also they can also apply resins to their swords, so it is best to dodge when this happens. Also you will be able to summon NPC phantoms here. 

Ranged Characters

Since both Throne knights constantly closing the gap, hence the Caster and archers are not better off. It is best to play as melee, dodging and blocking, also you will be able to use the spell during a few second down time.

If you have any AoE magic will be handy in this fight since these enemies tends to stand next to each other.​




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