Dark Souls II 

PS3 Xbox 360 PC 
Release Date: March 11, 2014

Dark Souls II: Black Gulch

Black Gulch is a location in dark Souls II and can be found beneath the Gutter. This place will lead you to The Rotten boss.

Crossing the Black Gulch

Once in Black Gulch, you will find glowing green goo along with some statues. Also you will come across some poison spitting statues located in The Gutter. Head towards first bonfire where you'll be attacked by enemies that shoot up from black pools. These enemies are weak to fire, and the black pools they are in can be lit ablaze to damage them before they even emerge.

After the first black pools, there are Rock Worms, take care of them and you will come across another area with more black pools. There is a chest inside an opening in the wall to your left along with a coupe of statues. Hug the ledge to the right of the cliff; you will come across a small opening that leads you to a bonfire. Go through the mist gate to The Rotten.

The Giants

Jump down to the ledge below the Rock Worms to find a message to help you see where the ledge actually is. Be very careful not to fall down off the edge and die. Once you land on the first ledge, continue downwards onto a couple more ledges. When you see a big room next to you, this means you have reached the bottom.

There are three giants inside, and they can easily kill you. There is a smaller room on the other side of the room. Hug the left side of the room and run directly for the door. There is a chest inside this room. Melee characters may find a bit hard to fight the giants although casters characters will be able to lure them to the door and cast spells until the all die off.

Once you have killed them, you will receive a Soul of the Giant and a key, to open the door above the giants room. There is another room with an elevator, use it to take you back up to the top of the Black Glutch. Loot the place and then drop down. There is a fog gate to the boss The Rotten to your left.

Covenant Location

In The Black Gulch you will find the Pilgrims of Dark Covenant.  


The Rotten

The Rotten is a boss found in the Black Gulch. This boss is large mass of undead that wields a giant butchers knife in one hand, and uses the other hand to grab you.

Be careful during the battle, as there are pits of fire that can catch you off guard in the arena.

He will smash his blade on the ground once or multiple times. Also he has a sweeping attack, a grab attack that does massive damage and can kill you in one hit, also a fist smash.

Also he has a vomit attack that poisons, and multiple magic AoE attacks. 

How to defeat the Rotten Boss

Although this boss is surrounded by fire but he is weak to fire based attacks.

Melee Characters

Melee characters need to keep moving and blocking his attacks as much as possible, since his attack does massive damage.  

Keep attacking his arms and once his health is less than half, he will start using a powerful AoE attack. He uses this attack when there is a distance between you and him, so to avoid it’ best to stay within 5 feet.  

Ranged Users

The same as melee characters, the ranged characters need to dodge during the battle. Watch out for the fire pits and it is best to use  Pyromancy, if you don’t have them then use a fire enchanted weapon, and Fire arrows.



The Gutter


Drangleic Castle


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