Dark Souls II 

PS3 Xbox 360 PC 
Release Date: March 11, 2014

Dark Souls 2 : How to find a key to the Mansion in Majula

Here is a guide on how to open the Mansion door in Majula in order to get  two rare items; a Soul Vessel and an Estus Flask upgrade.

In the back corner of Majula town there is armor shop, near the shop you will find a locked door to a two-story mansion.  

You will need to travel to Forest of Fallen Giants to get the key. The path is located near the bonfire, on a road leading down next to the cliffs.

Fight your way to the Cardinal Tower bonfire, then climb down ladder. 

Take out the enemies near the arched bridge and then go through the door on the left and through the white mist.

Climb up the sloping tree, then drop down onto the ruined rooftop to your right.

Take out the enemies in this area and from the rooftop, leap over to the scaffolding.

Eliminate enemies then enter the cave. Wait at te entrance for the boulder rolls past and then proceed ahead until when you find Cale .

Talk to the cartographer multiple times until he gives away the key to open the mansion door in Majula.

Head back to Majula and open the mansion. Inside the deep basement of the mansion, you’ll find a map of the continent. Proceed urther down to reach a small ruin where you will find two rare items; a Soul Vessel in a treasure chest, and an Estus Flask upgrade on a dead body.



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