Dark Souls II 

PS3 Xbox 360 PC 
Release Date: March 11, 2014

Dark Soul II: Aldias Keep

Aldias Keep is a location in Dark Soul II. In this area you will find the Aldia Key which opens the mansion in Aldia. 

This area is the home of the Guardian Dragon boss and found at the end of the Aldias Keep. He is a big red dragon and uses varous melee attack as well as fire breath.

Defeating the Guardian Dragon Boss

This is a red wyvern trapped in a large cage and you must defeat him in order to proceed to the Castle of the Ancient Dragon. 

This boss in encounteres multiple times later as an enemy, usually protecting items and crystal lizards. 

Since dragon is resistance to fire it is best to use Magical and Lightining to cause more damage. 

Melee Characters

Since the red dragon is melee boss it is best to stay close to him and attack when you get a chance.

Note that this boss will miss most of his attacks. 

One of his moves is swipe with his claw, bite at you when standing near his face, raises a leg, and bring it down crusing or kicking the players and swing his tail. From time to time he will attack you wil his flame breath from three loacations; on the ground, in the air and from a wall.

Try to stay away him him especially when launch the fire attack from air or wall. The radius of his fire attack can be up to one third of the arena. Run to the other side when he flamebreath from the ground and dash to him then attack while he is locked into this attack.

DIstance is good, keep distance as close as possible to the dragon to avoid constant fire attacks. Close-ranged sword approach works best on his feet. Be sure to dodge his stomping attacks and keep hitting.

Ranged Characters

Since Casters and archers will be standing away from him, hence will will use  his fire attacks. This gives ranged characters more advantages because they can avoid this attack.

 Note that when he launch the attack, this gives him chance to get closer and get ready to move away from him. Flashsweat spell are very good on this boss since they dullifying must of his power. 



Undead Crypt


Dragon Aerie


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